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Retreat Week

August 17 - 21, 2015

Retreat Week is 5-days of fun, friends, and music the week before fall semester begins. It’s a great opportunity to move-in to your residence hall early, make new friends, and learn all about the band! All returning and new band members will be in attendance. Learn More >>

Retreat Week registration will open in Spring 2015. 

Want to join now? Have questions?

Retreat Week Schedule

Here's a quick glimpse at all the events during Retreat. Times and locations are subject to change!


9 AM - Move-in Begins
4 PM - Welcome Reception
7:30 PM - Section Meetings
9 PM - Movie Night

9 AM - Announcements
10 AM - Sectional 1  
12 PM - Lunch
2 PM - Music Rehearsal
4 PM - Campus Tour
5:30 PM - Dinner & Slideshow
9 PM - Team Activity 1

9 AM - Marching Tutorial
11:30 - Lunch
12:45 - Team Stations
2 PM - Music Rehearsal 2
4:30 PM - Bus Adventure
6 PM - Dinner
7 PM - Team Activity 2

9 AM - Music Rehearsal 3
11:30 - Lunch
1:15 PM - "Trads"
2:30 - Sectional #2
5 PM - Dinner
6:15 PM - Photo Shoot
9 PM - Team Activity 3


9 AM - Sectional 3
11 - Section Lunch
1 PM - Sectional #4
3:15 PM - Section Performances
5 PM - End of Retreat Social

We Are the San Francisco Band

The Don Marching Band is a student-run ensemble at USF that performs at campus and community events throughout the year. With the assistance of our faculty advisor, students direct the band at performances, schedule events, plan trips, select music, and more. Our student-run status makes our band fun, and creates a  great environment to make friends and gain leadership experience.  

As a band member, you’ll have the chance  to spread USF spirit across the community, share in campus traditions, gain leadership experience, and bond  with friends. 

Learn More >>

We're A Diverse Group

The Band's membership is made up of students from all majors and walks of life. M
ost of us aren't music majors. We share one thing in common though: we love music! 

Membership is open to all USF students, and w
e accept members of all skill levels and abilities. 

Want to 
learn a new instrument? We'll help you do it. Need a prescription to play more cowbell?  We'll DEFINITELY help you do that.

Music + Fun = Us

We're busy college students, so each member decides how much they can participate in the Don Band. 

Can't make every gig? No problem, most people don't make every gig (you gotta study sometimes). Want to show up at every gig, game, and flashmob? Awesome!  Members can join as volunteers, or they can register to receive course credit. 

We Are Student Led + Faculty Assisted

The Band is a registered, student-run organization at USF. We have a formal constitution, faculty adviser, elected student leadersand our membership is made up of people who actually want to be in our Band.

Our energetic, fun style includes our awesome uniform, which consists of blue jeans, white shirt, and green Dons vest. Members adorn their vests with pins, patches, and mementoes from past trips, performances, and adventures.  

Important Dates - Fall 2015

June 30 : Retreat registration closes 
Aug  17 : Retreat begins with early move-in
Aug  21 : Retreat ends
Aug  25 : Classes begin

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